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Assemble your personal traveling gear for your family in our online-store: Whether you need a trainer bike or a scooter, a baby carriage or a buggy, travel bed, high chair or bath tub - we believe we offer everything you could possibly need when traveling with your children. And if anything might be missing from our list - don´t hesitate to give us a call or write an e-mail. We will give our best to live up to your expectations!

Bicycle 18''

Bike for children from 4 years (105 cm)

€10.00 *

Puky Skyride 20''

Bicycle for children from 6 years (120 cm)

€10.00 *

Handcart "Maxi"

The ideal companion for families walking the own!

€8.00 *

Cargo bike

Treat your kids to their own privat rickshaw!

€24.00 *


The pushable tricycle - ideal for a city walk with...

€8.00 *

High Chair "Mucki"

rooted to the soil

€8.00 *

High chair with table

finally stress-free family dinners...

€10.00 *


The ingenious rocker for infants up to 1 year!

€10.00 *

Cradle "Moritz"

The classic cradle for your child

€10.00 *

Travel bed

The best foldable bed ever

€10.00 *

Baby cot "Anja"

Your babys balkony attached to your bed

€8.00 *

Children Suite Peter

Dinner table and desk for up to four children

€10.00 *

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