How it works

Stroll with it

Become a City Stroller – travel light and modern. And most importantly: you can concentrate on your children while travelling, not on your baggage!


1. Journey by plane or by train

Put your baby in a wraparound carrier and take your small child by the hand. If you want to make things really comfortable for yourselves, send your baggage in advance. This way you are travelling only with your children and a diaper bag. We will deliver your order to the gate or the platform. Alternatively, you could take your own seat bucket and drive to the hotel in a taxi. We will deliver the stroller and everything else you may need!

2. Journey by car

Simply travel with your children in their own seat buckets. We will deliver everything else to the location of your choice.

3. You are expecting little guests?

Do you need twelve high chairs for your daughter´s first birthday? Or a stroller for triplets, because your sister is visiting with her kids? Five potties for collective potty training with the neighbours´ children? Or do you need the complete basic equipment, because your grandchildren are spending their summer vacation at your place? No problem, we will sort you out.

4. You are moving to Hamburg?

We rent out everything you need while your nursery is still in the container. Or for longer, of course, if you wish.

5. You are working in Hamburg for a couple of months, but the family stays at home?

Treat yourselves to stress-free family time. Make your family come visit you – we will deliver the rest!

6. You and your family are coming to Hamburg for a couple of months..

..but you don´t want to buy a second set of your equipment? Make use of our long term arrangements and rent the complete children´s equipment at reduced prices. And here´s the clou: When your rental goods are soiled, just call us. We will exchange your goods and take care of the rest.