Our Service

Becoming parent means having to give up many dear habits. 

Until now, this has been especially true for young families regarding city trips. Travelling and transporting baby equipment was just too exhausting. The family was too immobile in a strange city, with only a small part of their own equipment. Getting useful information at the destination was too difficult.

City Strollers sorts out these problems with a concept that is unique to date. Start your trip to Hamburg with your child and a suitcase. We provide you with the complete child-specific equipment on the spot.

We rent out high quality children´s equipment to families travelling to Hamburg with their kids and to Hamburg citizens who are expecting children on a visit. In addition, you can buy consumable articles that children may need on a trip in our online-shop. According to your wishes, we will await you at the airport or at the train station in Hamburg. Of course we can also deliver your order to any hotel or private address in the Hamburg city area. Your benefits are: you are making your trip a lot easier as well as conserving your own equipment.What´s more, City Strollers protects the environment by rendering unnecessary both new acquisitions plus the long-distance transport of present equipment.

On our homepage we offer you plenty of practical information to complement your own travel plans. Find out about cultural and sports activities for children in Hamburg, make use of our events calendar for families and save valuable time in case your child should get ill on your trip: we provide you with the emergency service schedule of pharmacies plus important information on emergency medical service for children.

Is there anything that you know – and we don´t? We are happy to receive your ideas and suggestions for improvement.