Payment / Dispatch

Payment and dispatch

(from our Terms & Conditions)

1.    Conclusion of contract

Enquiries through our website are possible up until three days (72 hours) before the commencement of the hiring contract. In case of a shorter notice please contact us directly by telephone or e-mail. Following your request we sent you a binding reservation, subject to availability. The contract is concluded with you confirming the reservation. This confirmation needs to be carried out by e-mail within 24 hours of us sending the reservation; in case of a shorter notice booking, the confirmation needs to be send immediately.

2.    Payment and cancelation

a) Our prices are inclusive of VAT.

b) The payment of the full price (costs for hire together with other arranged fees) is due at the time of the booking.

Bookings which are more than four weeks in advance of the start of the contractual relation, are subject to an advance payment of 10% of the full price. The remaining 90% are due at the latest on the eighth day before the commencement of the hiring relation.

If we do not receive the payment of the full price at this stage - or in the case of a shorter notice booking immediately- we are entitled to cancel the contract. Under these circumstances we would charge you 60% of the full price. You are allowed to provide evidence challenging the damage at all, or arguing that the damage is considerably less than this flat charge.

3.    Delivery and return

a) The delivery of the items will be at an address of your choice within the city of Hamburg.

b) The return of the items has to be effected at the agreed time and in a faultless condition, i.e. in the same condition as they were at their receipt by you.

c) Additional costs which arise due to late acceptance or return, damage through unsuitable use (including pollution), will be charged separately. You will be charged for extra attempts of delivery with €40 per attempt.