Sailing on the Alster: 

Bobby Reich

Fernsicht 2

22301 Hamburg

Tel. 040 / 487824

Boat rental: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Restaurant: 10 a.m. – midnight


Sailing school Käpt´n Prüsse

An der Alster 47a

20099 Hamburg

Tel 040 / 280 3131

Sailing times 10 a.m.– 9 p.m.


Swimming in lakes and natural swimming pools


Naturbad Stadtparksee

Südring 5b

22303 Hamburg

Tel. 040 / 188890

Opening hours: Mon – Sun 11 a.m.– 8 p.m. (during summer season)

Directions: U3 to Saarlandstraße

Opening hours: 22.05. to 16.09.2012, all days 11 a.m.- 8 p.m.


Naturbad Stadtparksee is situated in the middle of the city park. One part of the lake serves as a natural pool. There are some diving boards and a waterslide, a sandy beach and a lawn for sunbathing. You can rent sun loungers. On the premises you can also find toilets, showers, a kiosk and lockers.

Entrance fee: 2,90 Euro, children 1,50 Euro
Directions: U3 to Saarlandstraße
Opening hours: 01.05. to 16.09.,  all days 11 a.m.- 8 p.m.


Strandbad Farmsen

Neusurenland 63

22159 Hamburg

Tel. 040/ 643 44 10 

Directions: U1 to Farmsen, any busline 27, 168 und 171 to stop Neusurenland or Rönkkoppel

Opening hours: 19.05. to 31.08. 2012, all days 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

The „Lido“ Farmsen is a beautifully laid out natural pool which fascinates visitors with its big sandy beach and its long curvy waterslide. There are ample lawns for sunbathing, many trees offering shade and numerous activities for kids. Table tennis rackets can be rented. Toilets, changing cubicles and lockers are on the premises. Parking is free of charge..

Entrance fee: 3 Euro, children 1,50 Euro.


FKK-Sommerbad Volksdorf

Moorbekweg 100

22359 Hamburg

Tel. 040 / 6034730

Directions: U1 bis Buchenkamp

Opening hours: 01.06. to 31.08. 2012, all days 10.30 a.m.-6 p.m.

The Sommerbad Volksdorf is Hamburg´s only nudist pool. Visitors wearing bathing clothes are just as welcome. The pool is situated in a beautiful recreation area and offers its visitors a beach and private lawns for sunbathing. On the premises you can also find changing cubicles, showers, a water slide, diving boards, a playground, table tennis, tennis and volleyball courts, a kiosk and parking spaces.  .

Entrance fee: 3,50 Euro, children 1,50 Euro, (free for children under 6 years)


Strandbad Ostende

Tonndorfer Strand 37

22045 Hamburg

Tel. 040 / 666194

Directions: With R10 or via B75 to Tonndorf. Behind the cemetery in Tonndorf turn into Ostende street.

Opening hours: 07.05. to 09.09.2012, all days 9 a.m.-7 p.m.. During the summer holidays (if the weather is nice) the pool is open until 8 p.m. on Mondays.

The natural pool has a sandy beach and a spacious lawn with playground equipment for children. There are diving boards and a waterslide. On the premises you can find toilets, showers, changing cubicles, a kiosk and an area to park bicycles. There is no car parking.

Entrance fee: adults 2,80 Euro, children 1,50 Euro


Boberger See

Billwerder Billdeich 138

22113 Hamburg

Directions: S21 to Mittlerer Landweg, bus 330 directions Billstedt to Billwerder Kirche.

Opening hours: 11.05. to 16.09.2012

Lake Boberg is situated in the nature protection area Boberger Niederung. The sandy beach on the north-eastern shore is very suitable for children. There are also some lawns for sunbathing (no dogs allowed). There is no kiosk.


Sommerbad Altengamme

Horster Damm 1

21039 Hamburg

Directions: S21 to Bergedorf, bus 228 "Weg zum Freibad"

Opening hours: 15.05. to 16.09., all days 11 a.m. -7 p.m.

The pool is situated to the east of Bergedorf in calm surroundings. The artificial basin - which is fed by groundwater -is divided into swimmer- and nonswimmer-areas. There is a lawn for sunbathing and some trees offering shade. On the premises you can find a playground, table tennis, a kiosk with some tables and chairs, and toilets. The entrance is free of charge. There are no parking spaces.


Allermöher See

Elly-Heuss-Knapp-Ring 80

21035 Hamburg (Bergedorf)

Tel. 040 428453579

Directions: S21 to Bergedorf, bus 234 "Hilda-Monte-Weg"

Opening hours: 11.05. to 16.09.2012

Lake Allermöhe has only been created in 1984. Its northern bay offers some good bathing spots. There is a sandy beach and a lawn. You can find showers, toilets and a playground by the lake. The parking is free of charge.


Hohendeicher See Süd 

Oortkatenufer 1

21037 Hamburg 

Directions: S21 to Tiefstack, bus 120 to Hohendeicher See, stop Overwerder

Opening hours: 11.05. to 16.09.2012 

The lake is situated directly behind the Elbdeich in the area Vier-und Marschlande. The western lake area is frequented by surfers and the eastern shore is used as a campsite. Bathers with children prefer the southern sandy beach. There are several snack bars, toilets and free parking spaces. Directions: S21 to Tiefstack, bus 120 to Hohendeicher See, stop Overwerder

Opening hours: 11.05. to 16.09.2012 


Naturbad Kiwittsmoor

Hohe Liedt 9

22417 Hamburg

Tel. 040 / 5370247

Directions: U1 to Kiwittsmoor

Entrance fee: adults 3,50 Euro, children 2,00 Euro, free for children under 3 years

Opening hours: mid-June to 16.09.2012, all days 10 a.m.-8 p.m.

Longer opening hours if the weather is nice. Closed in case of bad weather.

Situated in the north of Hamburg, this natural pool offers, in additionto the swimmingpool, a paddling pool and a playground. The spacious lawn has sunny and shady places. You can play beach volleyball, mini golf and table tennis. There is a kiosk with a small beergarden and a barbecuing area. Parking spaces are available.


Sommerbad Duvenstedt

Puckaffer Weg 3

22397 Hamburg

Tel. 040/6070288  

Directions: S1 / S11 to Poppenbüttel, Bus 276 to Lohe

Entrance fee: 3 Euro, children up to 13 years 1 Euro

Opening hours: 01.06. to 31.08.2012, all days 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

The pool offers a swimmer- and a nonswimmer-area, two waterslides, a spacious lawn and a small beach. There is also a playground, table tennis and a kiosk.


Öjendorfer See Süd

Driftredder 1

22117 Hamburg

Directions: U2 direction Mümmelmannsberg to stop Merkenstraße. From there it is another 1,5 km to the lake. Or  U1 to Wandsbek Markt, then by bus 263 to Gleiwitzer Bogen.

Opening hours: 11.05. to 16.09.2012

The lake is situated in the middle of Öjendorfer Park. It has two bathing areas, its northern part is a nature protection area. The lawns are ample and also offer barbecuing areas. There is a kiosk selling sweets, French fries and drinks. Further amenities are a playground, mini golf, outdoor chess and table tennis.

Entry is free.


Swimming in the river Elbe:


Wittenbergener Strand, Rissener Ufer

Directions: S1, stop Blankenese, then Bus 189, stop Tinsdaler Strand


Current information plus data on the water quality are regularly announced on




Kletterwald (“climbing forest”) Hamburg

Meiendorfer Weg 122 -128

Tel. 04102 200919

Opening hours all days. 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Directions: U1, stop „Meiendorfer Weg“

Minimum age: 5 years
minimum size: 110 cm Amazonas-Parcours and Niagara-Trail,  140 cm for all other trails and 160 cm for the Mount-Everest-North-Route
Maximum weight: 130 kg
Shoes: Solid shoes with low heels 
climbing time: max. 2,5 hrs

Groups of children need to bring a filled consent form signed by parent/legal guardian. You can download the form here: ____. Children under the age of 10 years may climb alone as long as an adult is nearby (in calling distance) on the ground. In case of storm or strong rain the climbing forest is closed.

For information call Tel. 04102 200919.

We recommend a reservation for big groups (>5 people ).


Hochseilgarten (“high rope course”)Kiekeberg

Am Kiekeberg 5

21224 Rosengarten

Tel 040-74325589

Mobile 0172-1691961


From 5 years onward when accompanied by an adult

Opening hours: depending on the weather, all days from March to October/November, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.. Only upon request outside of Niedersachsens or Hamburgs school holidays from Mon-Fri. In case of bad weather the high rope course is closed.


Open climbing on Kilimanschanzo


Hamburg´s highest, finest and only public climbing mountain. Actually, it´s not a real mountain, but two sides of a bunker´s facade…

Office contact:

Kilimanschanzo e.V.

Schanzenstrasse 69

20357 Hamburg

Tel: 040 2548 5429

Fax: 040 2548 5430

The bunker is situated, almost hidden in a small park in the area between Schulterblatt, Eifflerstrasse, Lippmannstrasse and Juliusstrasse . Entry to Florapark either from Juliusstrasse or from Schulterblatt (next to “Rote Flora”).

Your best chance to breathe “mountain air” and to learn everything about the Kilimanschanzo is to visit the open climbing. On site there are instructors offering advice, practical help and equipment. Open climbing is free of charge.

There is no need to make a reservation – everyone who wants to come may come.

Dear parents, please come to the open climbing with your children. That way it is nicer for everybody and, if you like, we will show you how to belay (or secure?)others. If that is not possible we need a signed consent form, otherwise you children may not climb here. You can find a form on Kilimanschanzo´s homepage (see above).

Open climbing takes place in reasonable weather Sundays 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. during the season (April to end of October).